22 de outubro de 2012

Tribute To Marvel

The 30th September was the deadline for a 3D Modeling Contest at CGHub, which I took part of. "Tribute to Marvel" was the theme and I opened a poll on Facebook, where my "followers" could vote for the character I would be modeling. Cyclops was their choice and this is the result I achieved:

The first version is the one requested for the 3D Contest, where no texturing would (supposedly) be considered for voting. I made the colored version after the deadline, just for the sake of completing the artwork.

This was a chance for me to give ZBrush one more try, do some organic modeling work, as that's one area I'm not very good at, and experiment with zsphere rigging for the first time for posing characters.

22 de agosto de 2012

2K Czech Art Tests

In the past month of April, when sending job applications everywhere, 2K Czech, creators of the famous videogames Mafia, asked me to take two Art Tests, which I apparently failed. In any case, I think I did a good job, and thought I'd share my results with you.

The first test consisted in modeling and texturing a Volkswagen Beetle car using given reference photos, having to keep the number of triangles under 5,000 tris for its geometry:

The second test was about creating, texturing and lighting the model of a back part of a house and a yard according to a given description, keeping the number of triangles under 25,000:

They did not quite actually say that I failed, they just said they did not want to continue the selection process with me, so yeah, they didn't give me the opportunity to fix anything they might not have liked. Hope you like these, though :)

1 de julho de 2012

Engineering Corridor

Here goes a new artwork of mine, the original concept artwork is by Billy Wimblett, who is a concept artist at Lionhead Studios:

And this is my take on a 3D version of it:

Your thoughts are welcome, as always!

11 de abril de 2012

BLAST Podships

In August 2011, apart from contacting Marco Kunardi about Styx, I also contacted Scott Robertson about his podship sketches for the book BLAST he worked on.

With Scott's permission to model the concept above, I started the project, but it soon went into the drawer, and there it stood for a long time, as a few more urgent projects got in the way. Also, I didn't have any idea of what background I could create for the podship, so I kept postponing its publishing. But yesterday I finally decided to use Vue for the background and managed to create these two images:

17 de março de 2012

Exposé 10 - Call for Entries

Entries for EXPOSÉ 10, the tenth edition of the premier annual artbook, which celebrates the creative talents of digital artists worldwide, closed last thursday, 15th March. I managed to submit 4 entries, 3 of them being improved updates of previous images from my portfolio.

Here they are:

Now we wait! With (a lot of) luck, one of them gets to be published and exposed worldwide! :)

15 de março de 2012

Gallery - Sci-fi Interior Environment

I just concluded one of many sci-fi interior environments I intend to create in the near future! I got in contact with Thibault Fischer regarding his 2D artwork "Gallery" and he kindly gave me permission to translate it to 3D :)

So here is Thibault's original concept:

And here's my 3D version of it:

Be sure to visit Thibault on deviantART, his artworks are stunning!

7 de março de 2012

Featured on 3D Artist

As some of you already know, I won the CG Whiz 2011 Users' Choice Award with my 3D Modeling Demoreel. What you probably don't know yet is that magazine 3D Artist put together a few questions for the winners to respond to and wrote a story on the competition for issue 39. So, as a result, there's a little section in page 21 dedicated to my very own person! :)

This is the cover for issue 39, just in case you wanna look for it in stores:

More information about its content [here].

Again, many thanks to everyone who helped me grab this award, hopefully this is only the first of many achievements to come! :)

10 de janeiro de 2012

Pokémon Remix - 3D Mini Challenge

When I was younger, Pokémon immediately became some kind of obsession to me as soon as it hit Portugal. I spent countless hours playing the Game Boy games, battling and trading pokémon creatures, watching and recording the anime on TV, playing the trading cards and collecting stickers.. Those were the days!...

A couple weeks ago, I noticed there was a mini challenge going on at GameArtisans called Pokémon Remix! Basically, you had to take a pokémon and turn it into a real-world animal. The final design should be 60% or more realism, with a remix of 40% or less imagination. I had to put hands to work, and so, as a huge fan I used to be, I chose one of the first 150 Pokémon, one that you would see in every single episode, apart from Pikachu.. Meowth!

Here's what I came up with:

There was a maximum limit of 2.000 tris per model, so it's no surprise that you don't find great realism and detail! :P The submission phase has ended last night and voting phase is now on. You can check all the other entries [here]. And if you choose to take part of the voting, well... be nice! :P

For more images and WIPs on my Meowth, click [here].

4 de janeiro de 2012

Styx: completed

At last, Styx is concluded! Many thanks to Marco Kunardi, creator of the concept, for giving me permission to use it and for guiding me whenever I needed help understanding shapes and mechanisms! Here you go the final images, let me know what you think!