1 de dezembro de 2011

Styx: WIP

I'm almost done modeling Styx in Maya. I'm thinking of taking it to ZBrush next, in order to add more details :)

Here's some WIP renders. Comments are welcome, as always!

2 de novembro de 2011

Styx: concept by Marco Kunardi

Back in August 2011, I got in contact with Marco Kunardi about one of his brilliant concept images for his artbook Clover Twilight, a Cheetah robot called Styx:

As a 3D artist, I love to model realistic hard surface objects, so when I saw this concept art, I had to contact Marco and ask him permission to put hands to work. He gladly granted my wish, and so I have been entertained since then.

At this point, I'm still finishing the process of putting all the main blocks together, so there's still a lot of work ahead!

Here's a work in progress render of my 3D model, don't mind the textures yet :) I'll be updating when it is more advanced. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

19 de setembro de 2011

14 de agosto de 2011

3D Modeling DemoReel

Welcome to my very new blog, where I'll try to keep my 3D projects posted as I develop them!

To begin with, here's my 3D Modeling demoreel (that you can watch in much better quality right [here]):

Hope you enjoy and maybe drop a comment! =)