Jorge Barros is an artist in the making, having concluded a 4-years-length graduation in "Digital Arts and Multimedia" in 2009, which taught him how to create:

- websites using html and php using Dreamweaver;
- motion graphics with After Effects;
- video post-production using Premiere;
- photo manipulation and graphic design with Photoshop;
- vectorize images using Illustrator;
- 3D modeling, lighting and texturing using Maya.

He concluded a Masters' Degree in "Animation by Computer" at Universidade Católica Portuguesa - 2009/2011, which helped him further his 3D skills and, most of all, acquire knowledge of 3D animation. He also conceived his 3D short-film "The Night Shift" within the last 6 months of the course, and wrote a dissertation on "Modeling The Human Head".

He now works at Bigmoon Interactive Studios as a 3D artist since 2012, for PC, PS3 and XBOX360 videogames, among other platforms. His tools of the trade are Maya, Unity and Photoshop.