10 de janeiro de 2012

Pokémon Remix - 3D Mini Challenge

When I was younger, Pokémon immediately became some kind of obsession to me as soon as it hit Portugal. I spent countless hours playing the Game Boy games, battling and trading pokémon creatures, watching and recording the anime on TV, playing the trading cards and collecting stickers.. Those were the days!...

A couple weeks ago, I noticed there was a mini challenge going on at GameArtisans called Pokémon Remix! Basically, you had to take a pokémon and turn it into a real-world animal. The final design should be 60% or more realism, with a remix of 40% or less imagination. I had to put hands to work, and so, as a huge fan I used to be, I chose one of the first 150 Pokémon, one that you would see in every single episode, apart from Pikachu.. Meowth!

Here's what I came up with:

There was a maximum limit of 2.000 tris per model, so it's no surprise that you don't find great realism and detail! :P The submission phase has ended last night and voting phase is now on. You can check all the other entries [here]. And if you choose to take part of the voting, well... be nice! :P

For more images and WIPs on my Meowth, click [here].

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