22 de agosto de 2012

2K Czech Art Tests

In the past month of April, when sending job applications everywhere, 2K Czech, creators of the famous videogames Mafia, asked me to take two Art Tests, which I apparently failed. In any case, I think I did a good job, and thought I'd share my results with you.

The first test consisted in modeling and texturing a Volkswagen Beetle car using given reference photos, having to keep the number of triangles under 5,000 tris for its geometry:

The second test was about creating, texturing and lighting the model of a back part of a house and a yard according to a given description, keeping the number of triangles under 25,000:

They did not quite actually say that I failed, they just said they did not want to continue the selection process with me, so yeah, they didn't give me the opportunity to fix anything they might not have liked. Hope you like these, though :)

3 comentários:

  1. hi.. i gave the same test as you did for 2K and i also got same response as you got.
    any ways you can check my test results on this link

  2. :D i did the same test in 2K year ago - result is on mine page http://adamkrutak.blogspot.sk/p/3d.html