22 de junho de 2013

MotoGP 13

So I finally got a job in the videogames industry! I started working in November at Bigmoon Interactive Studios, a portuguese company just 4 km away from home. I was called to join a new art team, which was going to be collaborating with an Italian company, Milestone, in the creation of 3D assets for a racing game, MotoGP 13. And so I worked for a couple months for this game, modeling high and low polys of a few motorbikes, along with their textures.

MotoGP 13 was released yesterday and so I am finally able to speak about it and show you some stuff :)

The whole 3D team worked a lot on all 4 bikes our studio delivered for the game, but each person in the team was originally addressed to a certain bike, and so each bike was most worked by its respective artist. The Honda RC213V (featured in the first two screenshots below the PS3 cover) was one of the bikes we made at Bigmoon. The green Honda FTR in the third screenshot was the one addressed to me, so that one's my baby!

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